Living room
to the Nature.
Future of



Great nature far beyond human power.
Spectacular forests and mountains make you forget the hustle and bustle of the city,
those tells me that I am part of nature.
It is a catalyst for growth, and you can meet a new self.
Now,go to the gate leading nature.


We change the beautiful natural scenery to products, and connect people and nature.
Japorium is not just a green interior,
A gate that you can enjoy a sense of unity with nature in your daily life.
It is a memory device that evokes myself in nature.
And, it take you to the nature again.


We have a philosophy that “all creating together”.
We aim to become an Instigator that will develop the whole industry.
We join together with a japanese traditional industry, crafts, creators who have made it,
We will create products that cross-over the identity of Japanese culture.
It is the mission of Crossworks to create and to set Japan alight together.


We will develop products with Japanese traditional industry and crafts, creators, cutting-edge cultural brands together.
We will create “Tour of Japorium" that people can experience the nature and make a terrarium, an extra-curricular lesson for adults "Japolium College"
A bookstand that people can read quietly in a room where nature is recreated, and more…
We will create the oppotunities that people like nature get together and join a new community.
We will create many nature experiences, and move people, connect people with "nature" as a trigger.
Crossworks aim to construct of the “Japorium” brand that can grow up everyday.


Bring Nature to Your Room.

A terrarium that reproduced natural scenery in a glass container,
By soil, air circulation, optimal lighting for plants,
You can sustain plants over the long term in your room with less watering.
It makes your living room or work space blight.
And you can enjoy the changing seasons.
Japorium is the nature interior that connects you with nature.